"soprano Katina Mitchell. . . was so otherworldly" Ampersand LA

“the soprano Katina Mitchell absolutely captivated. . .with a quiet, introspective set” Arts Journal

rapturous hymns and songs sung with blinding luminosity by five female soloists (accompanied by harp and vielle) from Ensemble Vocatrix, who didn’t so much take one’s breath away as hyper-oxygenate the Colburn School’s Zipper Concert Hall
LA Times

“strong and believable” Schleswig-Flensburg Zeitung

“effortless and full of life, Mitchell's voice danced into the upper range" Schleswig-Flensburg Zeitung

“a clear voice” Wetterauer Zeitung

"a passion for early music" Frankfurter Neue Presse

“Katina Mitchell. . . with dynamic expression and a fine sensitivity. . .could convince the audience with her dramatic interpretations” Wetterauer Zeitung

"a penchant for the Old Masters" Frankfurter Neue Presse